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Optimize and enhance the e-commerce experience to maximize the digital transformation of the B2B and B2C marketplace.

Provide a highly responsive SaaS solution across various digital devices, entirely customizable and integrable with external systems.

The solution simplifies the online shopping experience by making navigation easy and intuitive in a consumer e-commerce style, allowing companies to create custom catalogs and pricing for B2B and B2C customers such as partners and resellers.

The Marketing Module engages your potential and existing customers.

The HelpDesk Module supports, automates, and ensures quality in customer service throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

The Sales Module supports your company in the quotation and order process by enabling promotional activities, discounts, upsells, and cross-sells.

A single place where you can have a clear, complete, and detailed view of your customer and from which you can operate effectively and efficiently with a complete pool of information— a comprehensive CRM solution, multi-channel and open to integration with the existing IT ecosystem.

Automate and streamline the issuing and recording of your electronic invoices.

Speed up the processing of payments and the filing of receipts by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by PSD2.

Distribute the work among the various resources involved in the administrative phases with fast and intuitive workflows.

Up to 400 people acting as “Computing-Concierges” powered by Symphonie technologies to make the most out of all client interactions:

  • Communicate with customers across all channels (email, phone, social) and understand what they value about products and services in order to improve them
  • Automate the management of less complex tickets using chatbots
  • Turn support requests into up- and cross-selling opportunities
  • Increase sales by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence by connecting your CRM or a simple contact list

Automate sales cycle stages (product configuration, pricing, quotes) by collecting consumer data in a single CPQ platform, limiting configuration errors, and improving sales. Streamline the management of different pricing models with rule-based discounts and promotions.

The platform delivers a flexible, scalable, and API-based solution through a microservices architecture. With real-time integration with any CRM, e-commerce, external applications, ERP, and billing, the solution allows companies to complete their transformation from quote to cash.

Engage your consumers with the engagement platformthat simplifies data acquisition processes using gamification and rewards through social and digital contests.

The platform lets you create innovative gamification campaigns across any channel and touchpoint in various formats such as social walls, surveys, quizzes, and games.

The Customer Engagement platform allows the end-to-end management of contests and reward programs, beginning with an advanced instant rewarding engine for activities such as Instant Win, Buy & Win, and Giveaways.

Leverage the world’s most popular instant messaging channel to offer your consumers a new fast and personalized shopping experience.

Manage inbound and outbound traffic to increase remote sales and offer personal shopping experiences through operators on Whatsapp.

Improve customer retention with a powerful, flexible, API-based loyalty platform to meet any business need.

Reward your consumers with personalized incentives and benefits.

Manage the entire lifecycle of coupons and vouchers,from creation to redemption, on any touchpoint.